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ESWNMAN - Geotechnical Engineering Consultants

  • Geotechnical assessment on stability of
  • Nuclear density and compaction test
  • Geotechnical investigation at Monterey
  • Borehole drilling up to 4m in Botany San
  • Site Classification and Subdivision
  • Geotechnical Investigation, Geotechnical
  • Geotechnical soil testing
  • Our geotechnical services and capabiliti
  • Geotechnical Inspection and Test Plan
  • Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) and awareness

About Us

Our experienced Chartered Geotechnical Engineer has over 25 years workplace experience and will be responsible for geotechnical investigation, interpretation and assessments, geotechnical design, construction phase service (CPS), and geotechnical documentations on various residential and commercial developments during Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC).

We will continue to deliver the projects within agreed timeline, budget and best solutions to the satisfaction of our clients.

Geotechnical Engineering Services (DA & CC)

Our geotechnical services include the following:
•  Geotechnical Desktop Study
•  Geotechnical Investigation
•  Site Classification for Residential Construction
•  Field Water Absorption and Permeability Test
•  Geotechnical Design
•  Footing Inspections (Shallow and Piled Foundations)
•  In-situ Soil Bearing Capacity Assessment
•  Slope Stability Analysis, Landslide Risk Assessment and Retaining Wall Design
•  Land Capability Assessment for Effluent Disposal
•  Vibration Monitoring Plan
•  Excavation Methodology
•  Ground Movement Monitoring Plan
•  Contingency Plan
•  Hydrogeological Study
•  Dilapidation Survey
•  Pavement Investigation

Equipment, Tools and Software

•  Mini drilling rig can access the tight site through doorway
•  Augering within soils and NMLC technique for rock coring
•  Standard Penetration Test (SPT) equipped with drilling rig
•  Hand auger equipment to drill up to 2m depth in soils
•  Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Tests up to 3m depth
•  Field water absorption rate and permeability testing unit
•  Bentley gINT software package for processing borehole logs
•  Digitised Point Load Index Tester
•  Pocket Penetrometer (PP)
•  Dip meter, water bailer, piezometer material
•  Geologic compass, geologic hammer, core boxes and other accessories.

Technical Update on Geotechnical Engineering

•  Geotechnical investigation involved constant head permeability test on soils for absorption trenches at 3 sites within Sydney Region to date.
•  Geotechnical investigation completed  in August 2016 on a development with 30 storey high-rise building with 5 levels of basement at Liverpool, NSW.
•  Geotechnical investigation completed  in May 2016 with geotechnical reports delivered  on time for property development projects at two sites in Illawong NSW.
•  Geotechnical investigation completed for property development on sloping site with Landslide Risk Assessment requirements at two sites in Denistone, NSW.
•  Additional geotehnical investigation completed for a site  with seven levels above the ground level and four levels of basement in Ryde, NSW. Over $30,000 cost saved for ground anchors as result of additional geotechnical investigation.
•  Geotechnical investigation and report completed for a multi-storey residential development in St Ives, NSW.
•  Geotechnical investigation on a complicated sloping site in Katooma with report delivered within one week after fieldwork.

Professional Insurance Coverage

We are fully covered by the following insurance policies:
•  Public Liability Insurance (PL)
•  Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI); and
•  Workers Compensation Insurance (WC)

Geotechnical Engineering Information and Events

•  Project documentation and archives
•  Project review and client feedback request
•  Calibration and maintenance of field tools and testing equipment
•  Factory and supplier visit for ordering site investigation equipment and machine
•  Latest version checking of Australian Standards
•  Planning and business strategy for Year 2016/2017

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Please provide us your proposed development, such as, preliminary architectural drawings, design information or local council particular requirements (if any) to info@eswnman.com.au for a quote request from us. We will provide you a formal fee proposal within 24 hours.

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