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Key Geotechnical Engineering Staff, Qualifications and Experiences

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Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Years of experience: Over 25 years

English & Mandarin
Master of Engineering Science (Geotechnical), University of New SouthWales
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Hohai University, China
Certificate III - Communication Skills, TAFE NSW

Professional affiliations
Institution of Engineers, Australia: Member
Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng): Civil
National Engineering Register (NER)

Excellence in Values Awards 2013 (Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd)

Key qualifications

JiamengLi is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer specialised in geotechnical engineering,including geotechnical design, geotechnical site investigation and construction supervision of variouscivil works, and familiar with Australian Standards, Industry standards (RMS,RailCorp, Sydney Water Corporation, etc) and other International Standards and practicesduring his involvement in the projects in the past. He completed over a hundredtechnical and review reports in last 10 years for the medium and major projectsand the writing skills in technical reports are excellent. Jiameng has over 24 years workplace experience in Australia,China, Malaysia and Pakistan. The majority of the recent projects involved were property developments within Greater Sydney Region.

Professional history
Jun. 2015 – Date        ESWNMAN Pty Ltd (Principal Geotechnical Engineer)
Aug. 2014–Jun. 2015  Aargus Pty Ltd (Senior Geotechnical Engineer)
Jan.2008– Dec2013    Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd(Senior Geotechnical Engineer)
Jan.2005–Dec.2008    Dams Safety Committee (DSC),Parramatta, NSW (Project Officer)
May2004–Dec. 2004   Geotechnical Section, RailCorp,Sydenham, NSW (Geotechnical Engineer)
Jul.1991–Oct.2003      Tianjin Investigation, Design and Research Institute of Water Resources
                                 and Hydropower(TIDI), Ministry of Water Resources, China (Snr Eng.)


Property Development and Public Works
  • Over 150 property development projects and public works within the Greater Sydney Regions (May 2014 to Date). Senior Geoetchnical Engineer and Project Manager (Principal Geotechnical Engineer since June 2015). Conducted geotechnical investigation, data interpretation, geotechnical analysis and design, supervised foundation excavation and issued construction certificate, and prepared geotechnical reports on recommendations on geotechnical parameters, foundation syetem, shoringsystem, slope stability, landslide risk assessment, groundwater management,settlement assessment; prepared vibration monitoring report, groundwater seepage analysis report, and dilapidation survey report, etc. Responsibe for training and mentoring of Junior Engineers on jobs, preparation of geotechnical proposals and project management, and mainaining good relationship with the clients.
  • 147 Victoria Road (June 2010), Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia, Parker Logan Property Pty Ltd. Geotechnical Engineer. Developed a hydrogeological and geotechnical monitoring program for property development.
  • Commercial development at 396 Lane Cove Road and 1 Giffnock Avenue (June 2010), Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia, Winten Property Group. Geotechnical Engineer. Desktop geotechnical study.
  • Prince Alfred Pool Redevelopment Project (May 2010), Surry Hills, NSW, Australia, Cityof Sydney Council. Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical advice on the compactionrequirements of soil around trees and beneath the wet concrete and assessed thesettlement of planter soil.
  • Lot11 Barkala Road (April 2007), Bayview, NSW, Australia. Kendale Homes Pty Ltd. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for review the geotechnical recommendations according to landslide risk management requirements by local council and AGS 2007.Construction inspections.
  • Brewarrina Central School Upgrade geotechnical investigation (July 2009), Brewarrina, NSW, Australia, Department of Commerce. Geotechnical Engineer. Provided geotechnical model and geotechnical recommendations for the site classification and soil aggressivity,foundations, excavations, fill materials, retaining structures.
  • Coffs Harbor and Tweed River High Schools Upgrade geotechnical investigation (July2008), Coffs Harbor, NSW, Australia, Department of Commerce. Geotechnical Engineer. Provided the geotechnical parameters and recommendations for the design works including site classification and soil aggressivity, foundations,excavations, fill materials, retaining structures.

  • Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigations - Homebush Bay Drive south bound links to M4 and Parramatta Road concept design, Roads & Maritime Services (RMS),December 2012. Geotechnical Engineer. Managed geotechnical works and prepared geotechnical report.
  • Geotechnical Proposal (won over $230,000), Site Investigation and Concept Design for Upgrade of the Intersections of Terrigal Drive with Charles Kay Drive and Brunswick Road Concept Design (March 2012), NSW, Australia, Roads & Maritime Services.Geotechnical Lead. Coordinated and managed geotechnical investigation work, Prepared Review of Environmental Factor (REF) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP), conducted settlement analysis and calculation; prepared geotechnical interpretive report and concept design report.
  • M5 East geotechnical investigation (March 2011), Riverine Park, Arncliffe NSW, Australia,Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW. Geotechnical Lead. Organised geotechnical investigation work and prepared geotechnical investigation report.
  • Gabion wall redesign for landslip areas at McCarrs Creek Road (October 2010), Church Point, NSW, Australia, Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW. Geotechnical Engineer.Analysed the slope stability using SLOPE/W and reviewed design drawings and reviewed specifications.
  • Crib Wall Remediation, General Holmes Drive (GHD) and Southern Cross Drive (SCD)(May 2009-November 2009), Kensington and Botany, NSW, Australia, Roads andTraffic Authority, NSW. Geotechnical Lead. Responsible for site investigation,project management and design of crib wall remediation (soil nail wall option),and prepared specifications for soil nail installation.
  • AirportLink, Brisbane (October 2008), Tunnel – Construction Access, Design Verifier.Reviewed design and drawings of a soil nail wall.
  • Coopernookto Herons Creek Alliance (2008-2009), mid-North Coast, NSW Australia,Thiess/PB/RTA. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for design of gabion wall sand specifications, preparation of drivability report for bridges, rock quality classification and geological long section, rock slope stability using SWEDGE and DIPS, preloading and scour protection design and advices. Scope included duplication of the existing highway,construction of new dual carriageways and bypasses, 15 bridge structures,earthworks and development of innovative solutions for embankments on soft ground to achieve performance criteria and avoid damage to existing bridges.

  • Radius Mascot Project at NO. 246 Coward Street, Mascot NSW (Sep. 2014), Senior Geotechnical Engineer and Project Manager. Conducted dipapidation survey over 300m in length inside the Railway Tunnel near Mascot Station and prepared dilapidation survey report.
  • Glenfield Junction Alliance Railway upgrade (2013), Glenfield, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Lead. Geotechnical advice/support for CPS (Construction Phase Services). Existing mast (pile footing) stabilisation and capacity check; pile inspection, on-site advices on trench/pit shoring, benching, pit stability,proof rolling, scouring protection, slope stability and review of monitoring results.
  • Geotechnical Footing Inspection for Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) for RailCorp over 250 locations in NSW from Wollongong to Newcastle and Blue Mountains (August 2012to date). Client: UGL Infrastructure. Geotechnical Lead. Pile design and check of monopoles; Inspected pile foundations and spread footings; assessed site geotechnical conditions and recommended geotechnical solutions for material reuse and properties, slope stability, geotechnical design and cost effective construction methods.
  • Underline Crossing(ULX) Cable Installation in Rail Corridor using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) -Settlement Assessment (August 2012). UGL Infrastructure. Geotechnical Engineer. Plaxis 2D modelling of settlement and impact assessment of HDD installation on rail infrastructure.
  • Construction services for Enfield Stabling Yard (September 2011), Enfield, NSW. Degnan Constructions Pty Ltd. Inspected and verified light pole foundations (piles)and reporting.  
  • MacarthurCar Park (May 2011), Macarthur Station, NSW. Transport Construction Authority(TCA) NSW. Geotechnical Engineer. Assessed slope stability and provided geotechnical advices on batter treatment. Reviewed concrete block wall design drawings and specifications.
  • Glenfield Junction Alliance Railway upgrade (2009), Glenfield, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Reviewed borehole logs, interpreted the geotechnical investigation data, and developed geotechnical long sections.
  • Limbribridge renewal (491.55 km) (2004), Limbri, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for the geotechnical investigation,recommendation and reporting.
  • WeeWaa (600.500 km) and Underbridge renewal (608.080 km) (2004), Wee Waa, NSW,Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for the geotechnical investigation and reporting.
  • North Sydney Station (5.0 km) (2004), North Sydney, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for the geotechnical investigation,recommendations on foundation solution for a deflection wall.
  • Rhodes,New Station & stairs footbridge (2004), Rhodes, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for the geotechnical investigation and geotechnical recommendations.
  • Wyeeoverbridge renewal (2004), Wyee, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer, RailCorp. Responsible for the geotechnical investigation,recommendations on foundation treatment, shotcreting and rock bolts, wedge failure analysis.
  • Chatswood Station (2004), Chatswood, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer.Responsible for the site investigation and geotechnical recommendations.
  • Como slope instability (2004), Como, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. GeotechnicalEngineer. Responsible for the geotechnical site inspection, investigation and recommendations for a slope remediation using retaining wall.
  • Lavender Bay, OHW upgrade (2004), Lavender Bay, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for the geotechnical proposal and investigation.
  • Toongabbie– Assessment of retaining wall instability due to underbore (2004), Toongabbie,NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for geotechnical assessment on the failed retaining wall due to installation of cable using HDD.
  • Woodville Junction track reconditioning (2004), Woodville, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for track reconditioning investigation and geotechnical recommendations.
  • Teralba reconditioning of track formation (2004), Teralba, NSW, Australia, RailCorp.Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for site investigation and recommendations.
  • Fairfield Platform Stability (2004), Fairfield, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for platform stability investigation and recommendations.
  • Meadowbank rail corridor site investigation (2004) in Meadowbank, and ballast depth investigation in Cabramatta, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer.Responsible for investigation of rock surface and depth of ballast,
  • Stanwell Monitoring (2004), Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia, RailCorp. Geotechnical Engineer. Involved ground movement and groundwater observation, weekly updateof monitoring data and interpretation of monitoring results and preparation ofmonthly monitoring report.

Energy and Power
  • Dalton Power Station (April 2012), Dalton, NSW. Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd. Geotechnical Engineer. Reviewed geotechnical information and prepared geotechnical investigation scope and specifications.
  • Quarantine Power Station Expansion (May 2011), Torrens Island, South Australia. Origin Energy. Geotechnical Engineer. Review of geotechnical report for the proposed Quarantine Power Station Expansion.
  • Geotechnical Desktop Study for Proposed Cable Route (March 2011), Surry Hills to Rose Bay,NSW. Transmission Cable Alliance (TraCa). Geotechnical Engineer. Undertook the study and prepared the desktop study report.
  • Soil stabilisation at Balranald Substation (November 2010), Balranald, NSW.TransGrid. Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical review of test results and recommendations for soil stabilisation work and preliminary pavement design.

Water and Wastewater
  • Watermain renewal at Horton Street/Hume Highway Intersection (Nov. 2014), Yagoona NSW.Senior Geoetchnical Engineer and Project Manager. Conducted field geotechnical investigation, prepared geotechnical report and assessment of settlement analysis for pipejacking and supervised construction work.
  • The Crescent Trunkmain Renewal (October 2012), Penrith NSW. Geotechnical Engineer.Prepared Geotechnical Investigation Report and carried out settlement assessment using Plaxis 2D modelling for railway underline crossing using pipejacking.
  • Watermain Renewal Sydenham Road (July 2012), Marrickville NSW. Geotechnical Engineer.Prepared Geotechnical Investigation Report and carried out settlement assessment using Plaxis 2D modelling for railway underline crossing using micro-tunnelling.
  • Mt Pleasant Reservoir Water Supply Tank(January2012), Mt Pleasant NSW. Geotechnical Engineer.  Managed the project and prepared Geotechnical Investigation Report.
  • Edmondson Park Urban Release - Water and Sewer installation (August 2011), Edmondson Park NSW. Managed the project and prepared the Geotechnical Investigation Report.
  • Watermain Renewal from Francis Road in Artarmon to Prince Street (December 2011), Cremorne NSW. NetWorks Alliance. Geotechnical Reviewer. Geotechnical Desktop Study and Reporting.
  • Northern Beaches Storage Tank Project(February 2011-June 2011), Brookville, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC).Geotechnical Engineer. Managed the project and provided geotechnical advices onground settlement due to groundwater drawdown and temporary works;interpretation of soil permeability based on CPTu test results; prepared geotechnical investigation report and Instrumentation and Monitoring Specification.
  • Oran Park Water Main Transfer, NetWorks Alliance (December 2011-March 2011), Spring Farm, NSW, Australia, Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Prepared geotechnical investigation reports and geotechnical advices for Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  • Watermain installation for Spring Farm NetWorks Alliance (October 2010), Spring Farm, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC).Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical and mining subsidence review for Stages 1& 3 watermain alignment for Spring Farm.
  • Temporary Water Storage Tank at Buxton Reservoir, NetWorks Alliance (September 2010), Buxton, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer.Geotechnical Investigation for the Proposed Temporary Water Storage Tankat Buxton Reservoir.  
  • Water storage tank at Elanora Heights Reservoir - WS0214, NetWorks Alliance (September 2010), Elanora Heights, NSW,Australia, Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical investigation for the proposed temporary water storage tank at Elanora Heights Reservoir -WS0214  
  • Water Tanks at Mt Nebo Upper Reservoir, NetWorksAlliance (August 2010), Figtree, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical Investigation and Design Recommendations for Proposed Temporary Water Tanks at Mt Nebo Upper Reservoir.
  • Watermain installation for Spring Farm, NetWorks Alliance (July 2010), Spring Farm, NSW, Australia, Sydney Water Corporation(SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Review of geotechnical information on proposed Stage 1 watermain alignment for Spring Farm (Geotechnical Phase 2)
  • Prospect Hill Reservoir Trunk Main Renewal, NetWorks Alliance (May 2010), Prospect Hill, NSW, Australia, Sydney Water Corporation(SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical Parameters and slope stability analysis for Prospect Hill Reservoir Trunk Main Renewal Project.
  • Water Tanks at Woonona Heights Reservoir, NetWorks Alliance (April–May 2010), Woonona, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC).Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical Investigation and Recommendations for Proposed Temporary Water Tanks at Woonona Heights Reservoir and Foundation Treatment Issue for Proposed Tanks, Woonona Heights.
  • Illawarra Sewerage Catchment Network Upgrade, Sewerfix Wet Weather Alliance(SWWA) (March2010-October 2010), Illawarra, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation(SWC). Geotechnical Engineer.  Prepared over 15 Geotechnical Reports during Illawarra Phase 2 geotechnical investigations for Apex Park, Byarong Creek, Fairy Creek, Greenacre Rd, Hurt Parade, Lowden St, Spinks Road, Squires Way, Union Street, Auburn St, Bulwarra St, Dorrigo Avenue, Edgeworth Ave, Jardine St and Mountbatten Park. The geotechnical models, foundation recommendations, earthworks, geotechnical parameters, and geotechnical risks were included.
  • Installation and Upgrade of Sewerage Pipeline and Sewer Treatment Plants,Sewerfix Wet Weather Alliance (SWWA)(2009), Sydney Metropolitan areas and Illawarra, NSW. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer.Involved geotechnical planning, site investigation, reporting, geotechnical risk identification for pipe installation (open cut trench, micro-tunnelling,HDD, pipe jacking), shaft shoring, pit excavation/thrust block foundation recommendations for construction works in Illawarra, Northern Beaches, Blue Maintains and Lane Cove catchments.
  • Rosehill Recycled Water Project (September2010), Rosehill, NSW, Australia, Sydney Water Corporation (SWC). Geotechnical Engineer. Checked traffic design and recommended pavement parameters for the road and car park.
  • Cooks River and Powells Creek Bank Naturalisation Project (May 2009), Earlwood, NSW, Australia, SWC. Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical assessment on slope stability,settlement and recommendations on construction material, earthworks, pavement and stoneworks.

  • Desktop study for Northwest Metro (July2008-November 2008), St. James to Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia. NSW Government. Geotechnical Engineer. Responsible for geotechnical site investigation surveillance, review of investigation data and technical advice for packer testing.
  • Aibihu Lake Ecological Protection Project (Planning Stage) (2001-2002), Xinjiang Province, China, Xinjiang Provincial Government. Geotechnical Lead, TIDI. Involved several long deep tunnels up to 30 m long and reservoirs. Responsibilities were to negotiate and purchase SPOT 10 (France) and multi-wave band (ETM) Satellite images (US) and their synthesized products: interpret Satellitic images, covering faults, syncline/anticline, formations, landslides,farmland/mine site to be inundated; design, organise and coordinate site geotechnical investigation work; identify/analyse regional rock formation, groundwater and discontinuities along the tunnel alignment; assess geological conditions of sites and report findings.
  • Study of Unfavourable Engineering Geological Problems & Investigation Methodologies for Deeply Buried Long Tunnels (2000-2001), Xinjiang, China,Xinjiang Provincial Government. Geotechnical Engineer and Lead, TIDI.Responsibilities were to collect and develop a database for similar projects:study unfavourable factors for tunnelling, such as, active faults, seismic activity, high ground stress and temperature, abnormal water inflow, hazardous gases, radioactivity of rock, etc.; design & arrange field mapping,rock/water sampling, laboratory tests; computer programming using Visual Basicfor stability analysis; analyse and study geological problems/defects, their mechanism and propose mitigation counter-measures; report results/findings and conclusions during engineering studies.

  • Zhangweihe River Levee modification (1997-1999), Guantan County, Henan Province, Zhanghe River Administration Department, Henan. Geotechnical Engineer, TIDI.Responsible for geotechnical investigation and reporting on existing embankment fill quality, foundation conditions and recommendations for foundation treatment of river embankments over 300km in total length.

Dams and Hydropower Development
  • Kabompo George Hydroelectric Project, Feasibility Study (November 2013), Copperbelt Energy Corporation, Zambia. Technical adviser and reviewer on geotechnical aspects of Feasibility Study Report for Kabompo Gorge Hydroelectric Project.
  • Cabadbaran run of the river hydroelectric project, Mindanao, Philippines (April to June 2013). First Gen Mindanao HydroPower Corporation (FGMHPC). Geotechnical advice on cut/fill on slopes along Headrace Canal and advice on cut-off design of foundation of Weir; geotechnical advices on rock classification along 1.6km long tunnel.
  • Cabadbaran run of the river hydroelectric project, Mindanao, Philippines (June 2012). First Gen Mindanao Hydro Power Corporation(FGMHPC). Geotechnical Reviewer. Reviewed the geotechnical investigation report for Terms of Reference (TOR).
  • Bubunawan 2 Hydroelectric Project – 20MV run of the river (March 2012), Bukidnon,Philippines. First Gen Mindanao Hydro Power Corporation. Geotechnical Reviewer.Geotechnical review of project feasibility study results and geotechnical investigation report. Advised further geotechnical requirements for theproject.
  • Aya Dam Embankment of East Poblacion Pumped Storage Pre-feasibility Study (October 2011), Philippines. Geotechnical Engineer. Undertook the seepage calculation and seepage modelling using SEEP/W.
  • Nyamwamba Hydropower Project (HPP) (March 2010-May 2010), Kilembe, Uganda. South Asia Energy Management System (SAEMS). Geotechnical Engineer. Review of Scope of Works for Geological/Geotechnical Evaluation and Recommendations for the HPP.
  • Puyo Run-of-River Hydropower project (May 2009), Philippines, First Gen Renewables Incorporated. Geotechnical Engineer. Geotechnical review and recommendationsfor additional studies likely to be required to support the preliminary engineering design.
  • n  KulamanRun-of-River Hydroelectric Project (April 2009), Philippines, First Gen Renewables Incorporated. Geotechnical Engineer. Prepared Inception Report, TORfor geotechnical work, and geotechnical advice for headrace slopes. Site geotechnical investigation Tender BOQ design and tender evaluation. The project involved siteseismic activity, dam foundation treatment, landslides, slope stability and shoring, retaining structures, fill and cut of rock/soil.
  • Mpanga Hydropower Project (March 2009), Uganda, South Asia Energy Management System(SAEMS). Geotechnical Engineer. Provided technical advices and review of technical reports/data. Prepared a Geotechnical Guidance Memorandum for Mpanga Hydropower Project, involved site seismic activity, dam foundation treatment, landslides,slope stability and shoring, fill and cut of rock/soil.
  • Gomal Zam Multipurpose Hydro Development Project (2002-2003), D.I Khan, Pakistan, Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Design representative, Geotechnical Engineer and team leader, TIDI. A 133 m high RCC Dam, 66,000 hectares of irrigation area, hundreds of bridges/culverts, access road/highways and transmission line), Responsibilities included: Bid for projects: tender documentation, quotation, pre-tender meeting; coordinate with construction team, subcontractors and the client; plan and organize geotechnical investigation work; supervise site investigation work, including geological mapping,  drilling, adit tunnelling,access road, laboratory testing, site packer and permeability tests, In-situ shear and deformation tests; interpret and analyse geotechnical investigation results; slope stability analysis, foundation grouting and treatment, and geotechnical recommendations; compiled Concept Design, Detailed Project Report, Geological Investigation Report and A Seismic Risk Assessment Report ; handle technical issues occurred during project construction; write geotechnical reports for project components.
  • Liwagu Hydro-electric Project (Tender T3071-Site Investigation for Project Area)(1995-1997), Sabah, Malaysia, Lembaga Letrik Sabah (LLS) [Sabah Electric Board]. Engineer Site Representative, TIDI. Geotechnical components for the project include foundation investigation of tunnel, a 70 m high concrete dam, 20 m high earth fill saddle dam, transmission line (over 200 km), access road to site (20km), and construction material in quarry and borrow areas. As Engineer’s Site Representative with responsibilities to: compiled Inception, Review and Geological Reports; prepared tender documents, Specification for Site Geotechnical Investigation based on BS Standard and tender notice for Sabah Electric Board(SEB); prepared Tender Evaluation Reports; organised, coordinated and supervised geotechnical site investigation work, including borehole drilling (percussion, hand auger and Mackintosh probing), test pitting, site tests (SPT), samplings and laboratory tests of moisture content, densities, Atterberg limits,  sieving analysis, UU, CD, pinhole, consolidation,compaction, etc. managed contract, monitored contractor’s work quality and progress, certified monthly payment and reviewed contractual claims; coordinated with Employer & Contractors the Contractual issues; attended biweekly project progress meeting and prepared Minutes of the Meeting; analysed stability of high-cut slopes; finalised geological report and discussed with Overview Consultant(Lahmeyer International, Germany) and Sabah Electric Board in a Technical Meeting for Liwagu Hydroelectric Project.
  • Chenjiazhuang Reservoir, Mentougou Dist. Beijing and Daliushu Water Control Project, Ningxia Autonomous Region (1991-1995), Beijing, Chenjiazhuang Reservoir Administration Department. Assistant Geotechnical Engineer, TIDI. Responsible for field geological mapping, borehole logging and analysis of data from field and laboratory.

Dams Safety
  • Dendrobium Water Inflow Solution Peer Review (December 2011), Illawarra Coalfield,Wollongong, NSW, Australia. BHP Billiton. Geotechnical Engineer. Reviewed hydrogeological and dams safety aspects of Concrete Sleeve/Plug Design Report and a report on Preliminary Assessment of Dendrobium Dyke – Water Inflow Control Measures,prepared by SMEC.
  • Dams Safety Committee (DSC) (2005-2008), Parramatta, NSW, Australia, Department of Environment and Water. Project Officer, DSC. Responsibilities included: approved and monitored mining activities to avoid damages on dam structures and ingress of stored water into underground workings induced by mining; reviewed reports provided by mining companies’ (BHPB, Gurjurat NRE Australia Pty Ltd, United Colliery, Wambo Colliery, Mannering Colliery, Ravensworth Operations Pty Ltd, etc) on subsidence, slope/highwall stability, geotechnical, geology, hydrogeology;reviewed compliance of mining activities according to DSC regulations; conducted geotechnical/geological/hydrogeological analysis and engineering monitoring;attended Mining Subcommittee Meeting and Dams Safety Committee meeting monthly;produced more than 60 reports/notes on geotechnical /geology/ hydrogeology
  • Daheiting Foundation Treatment Project (1999-2000), Qianxi County, Hebei Province,Zhangweinan Reservoir Administration Department. Geotechnical Engineer, TIDI.Responsible for geotechnical investigation and evaluation of substance seeping from dam wall and accumulated on inspection gallery. Drilling, packer testing, undisturbed rockmass sampling, piezometer monitoring were undertaken. Recommendations were made on the dam foundation treatment and curtain grouting.


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