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Footing inspection report and geotechnical certificate during CC

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Post time: 2016-04-23 13:10:16
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The foundation material within the drilled holes or excavated strip footingareas inspected being Class V Shale/Class V Sandstone or better rock would achieve therequired minimum allowable bearing capacity and adequate embedment depth/socketlength were also obtained after further actions were taken by theConstruction Contractor as per our advices/instructions provided on-site by ESWNMAN Geotechnical Engineer during site visits.


Our geotechnical advices and instructions requiring attentions and actions by Construction Contractor include the following:
·        All loose, soft and/or weak materials and wateras may be present upon exposure shouldbe removed from the surface prior to concrete placement;
·        Foundation materials are not deteriorated due toinclement weather conditions prior to placement of concrete, and temporary protection against rainfallis required if the piles are not installed at the same day of drilling;
·        Unstable holes during piling should be protectedusing casing or equivalent;
·        Placement of concrete is carried out as soon aspracticable following inspection and preferably within 24 hours;
·        Somedrilled holes with groundwater seepage should be removed using water pumpand/or treated by dry cement;
·        Founding levels and the concrete finish levelsof the foundation are in accordance with the design levels; and
·        Theexcavated holes should be covered or fenced off for safety concerns.


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